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Sherman-Dixie Products

Precast Concrete Pipe


Reinforced Concrete Pipe is the most durable and economical of all piping products. Recommended for installations where:

  • Low, moderate or severe cover and/or live load conditions exist.
  • Structural failure might endanger life or property. (Reinforced pipe, even after ultimate failure, retains its shape and will not collapse.)


Reinforced Concrete Pipe is readily available in round diameters of 12" through 144" and elliptical sizes equivalent to 18" to 60" pipe.


Precast concrete pipe is the standard by which all drainage pipe materials are measured. Despite competitive hype structural integrity, proven durability, and continued "least risk" designs are the major reasons why design engineers continue to choose concrete pipe over flexible pipe materials for "sustainable design" of their drainage projects.

Available Specifications

  • ASTM C76/AASHTO M170 Reinforced Concrete Culvert, Storm Drain and Sewer Pipe
  • ASTM C361 Reinforced Concrete Low Head Pressure Pipe
  • ASTM C655 Reinforced Concrete D-Load Culvert, Storm Drain and Sewer Pipe
  • ASTM C443/AASHTO M198 Joints for Circular Concrete Sewer
  • ASTM C-507 Reinforced Concrete Elliptical Culvert, Storm Drain and Sewer Pipe


Reinforced Concrete Pipe is produced for the following:

  • Sanitary Sewers
  • Storm Sewers
  • Culverts
  • Detention Systems
  • Low Pressure Force Mains


Full range of choices to fit project requirements from "soil-tight" to "water tight" seals, designed to exceed applicable ASTM and AASHTO standards to Bell and Spigot, O-Ring, Single Offset and Straight Wall designs.


All precast concrete pipe is manufactured according to stringent national quality control standards of the American Concrete Pipe Association (ACPA).



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